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Girl on Fire - Facilitator Manual

The Girl on Fire Empowerment Program – Facilitator Manual, is an exciting new program created by award winning author Jenny Kierstead, founder of Breathing Space Yoga Studios and Yoga in Schools.    Not only will you be inspired by this 12 week program, but the facilitator manual includes additional activities, meditations, discussions and movement practices to support you as you share this amazing program with others.

Price: $49.99

Girl on Fire - Student Manual

The Girl on Fire Empowerment Program - Student Manual, is a journey into your most powerful, authentic center. Be a student of the 12 week program and learn life long strategies for living in the stream of wellbeing through each phase of life, while recognizing the deep potential that lies within.

Price: $29.99

Assist Card - Two Sided

Purchase these Assist Cards to provide your students with a clear way to communicate during their movement practice. Students are then able to make their comfort level with physical contact known in a subtle way.

PACKAGED:  pack of 30 cards
SIZE: 3"x3" cardboard cards
TWO SIDES: red and blue

Price: $14.99


Audio Meditations


Movement Practice Videos